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Our Vvash Auto Care Ultimate Wheel Brush paired with our iconic Ultimate Wheel Cleaner? Name a better duo, we’ll wait. Tackle dirt, grime and other unwanted contaminants effortlessly with the combination of this powerful duo. Our Ultimate Wheel Cleaner’s insanely potent formula obliterates even the most pesky of debris while our Ultimate Wheel Brush destroys any remaining grime stuck in every last crevice of your vehicle’s wheels. Our Ultimate Wheel Brush was designed with an ergonomic short handle that gives you maximum control of your detail. The bristles are composed of compact and chemically-resistant synthetic fibers to ensure no shedding and are harsh on contaminants but gentle on your wheels. Give your vehicle the wheels of your dreams with this dynamic duo.

Our Vvash Auto Care Ultimate Wheel Brush works best when paired with our fan-favorite Ultimate Wheel Cleaner.

1 Vvash Ultimate Wheel Brush Included.

  • Obliterate Grime From Wheels With Ease 
  • Short Handle For Maximum Control
  • Compact Chemically-Resistant Bristles
  • Get Wheels Of Your Dreams 

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