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Protecting your clear coat and paint is about to get a whole lot easier with the help of our Paint Super Sealant. Our unique formula contains a blend of polymers specifically formulated to produce a durable protection that lasts wash after wash, leaving your vehicle good as new every time. When applied, our Paint Super Sealant repels your vehicle from water & UV rays for up to 6 months while also giving your car a deep, wet shine.

  • Acquire UV And Element Protection
  • Durable, Long Lasting Protection Up To 6 Months
  • High-Gloss Enhancing Technology 
  • Hydrophobic Properties Repel Water With Ease
  • Polymer Blend Protects While Leaving A Deep, Wet Shine
  • Made in The USA

  • Vvash Auto Care Paint Super Sealant is easy-to-use and durable enough to last months even after frequent washing. Applying this paint sealant to your vehicle allows you the ease of only needing a basic shampoo and some water to maintain your vehicle's protection and shine. By applying as little as a few times a year, this product makes cleaning the other 360+ days a breeze.

    Our Paint Super Sealant is easy to apply by hand when following our directions found on our label. For best results, pair Vvash Auto Care Paint Super Sealant with our Disc Applicator. Using a Vvash Auto Care Disc Applicator allows you to evenly & efficiently coat your car. Allowing the Sealant to dry for 15 minutes will produce optimal results after buffing. Buffing is best done when using a Vvash Auto Care Microfiber Towel. Our Microfiber Towels gently remove the cured sealant from the surface or your car.

    Once Vvash Auto Care Paint Super Sealant is properly applied to your vehicle, you will notice a dramatic difference in appearance. Your car will now have a reflective deep, wet shine to go along with the added protection from harsh elements. You will be pleased when you realize you're smiling back at your own reflection from your car.

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