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Vvash Leather Coating sets the bar high with its protection power and quality! Experience the gold standard quality of Leather Coating with our easy to use application system.

  • Long Lasting Protection

  • Easy To Use

  • Maintains Leather¬†

  • Polymer Blend Leaves Surface Soft and Luxurious


  • 1 Leather Coating Ceramic Coating 30ml

  • 1 Ceramic Coating Applicator

  • 1 Microfiber Towel


Vvash Ceramic Coating

The car washing and detailing world has advanced greatly within the last 10 years. Technology and techniques are constantly being tweaked and improved. Ceramic Coatings have taken the industry to a higher level when it comes to protection and overall appearance. When you use any of Vvash Ceramic Coatings you will experience why the professional or consumer hold Ceramic Coatings in such high regard. At Vvash we hold ceramic coatings with the same regard and a high standard.

Ceramic Coating is an easy to use and versatile technique to protect your car for years if properly prepared and maintained. Ceramic Coating is a strong blend of polymers that create a long lasting bond to any surface it is applied to. Each coating is uniquely formulated to specific parts of the vehicle being thicker than other coatings. For example, Wheel coatings are thicker because of the amount of time they are exposed to harsh elements and debris. Vvash Ceramic coating contains a hardness rating of 9H, which protects your car from minor surface scratches. Coating your car will also unlock the hydrophobic properties as well. Once the surface is treated with Vvash Ceramic coating, water will bead up and down the surface instantly and will last a long time. Having a hydrophobic surface will eliminate the amount of time you spend constantly removing dirt and debris from your paint. Ultimately, the objective is to protect your vehicle for as long as possible. 

The quality of your coating will be determined by the quality of the preparation. Preparation is ultimately the key to having a great Ceramic Coating. We always suggest coating a vehicle when the clear coat is still fresh from the dealership and has spent less time in harsh elements. Don't worry though, if it's not brand new then you can still coat your car as long as you remove all the contaminants on your car including iron deposits , pollen , salt, sand and bug debris. A proper decontamination is necessary before all coatings ensuring your Ceramic Coating looks and lasts longer. We also recommend  a thorough polishing or buffing depending on the amount of micro scratches that are on the surface of the vehicle as well. Keep in mind that the cleaner the surface the cleaner the result when applying the Ceramic Coating.

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