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Green or blue? It's up to you. Including both a Blue and Green Color Foam Shampoo and a Foam Gun, Vvash Color Soap Combo gives you the best of both worlds for a fun, high-foam experience. A $99.97 value.


Vvash Color Soap Combo Includes:

  • 1 Blue Color Foam Shampoo 16oz
  • 1 Green Color Foam Shampoo 16oz
  • 1 Foam Gun

    Color Foam Shampoo:
    Vvash Auto Care Color Foam Shampoo is the perfect product to start your detailing process. This unique formula provides that extra “wow factor” that makes detailing a fun experience! From producing a thick red or blue soap, to it’s amazing Apple (green) or Blue Raspberry (blue) scent, there’s nothing basic about this Color Foam Shampoo. Make it rain green or blue suds with the help of our Vvash Foam Gun, or simply add to your water bucket, the choices are endless when using this product. A personal favorite for our team here at Vvash Auto Care,we’re excited to introduce to you our Color Foam Shampoo. Once this premium shampoo is rinsed off, it will leave your car with nothing short of an immaculate shine.

  • Foam Gun:
    For your most pleasurable detail yet, we introduce to you to the Vvash Auto Care Foam Gun. Our Foam Gun is fully equipped to tackle any wash from start to finish. This hose-end sprayer produces a thick layer of sudsy solution over your vehicle to break up any loose dirt or grime without the need of an expensive pressure washer. Make it rain sheets of foam with your Vvash Auto Care Foam Gun paired with a garden hose!

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