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Protecting your clear coat and paint is about to get a whole lot easier with our Paint Sealant Package. We provide durability and protection for months with this top notch bundle.

  • Acquire UV And Element Protection

  • Durable Protection Lasting Up To 6 Months

  • Easily Apply By Hand

  • Polymer Blend Protects and Shines


  • 1 Paint Super Sealant 16oz

  • 3 Microfiber Towels

  • 1 Disc Applicator

Paint Super Sealant 16oz

Vvash Paint Super Sealant is easy-to-use and is durable enough to last months even after washing. Applying the sealant to your vehicle allows you to only have to some soap and water to maintain your vehicles protection and shine. The sealant can be applied just a few times throughout the year and make cleaning for the rest of the year a breeze. 

Applying by hand is easy when following our direction on our label and is especially easy when using our disc applicator along with it. Using Vvash Disc Applicators allows you to evenly coat the car with sealant efficiently. Allowing the Sealant to dry for 15 minutes will produce optimal results after buffing.  Buffing can be done using the Microfiber Towels gently removing the cured sealant from the surface or your car. 

Once Vvash Paint Super Sealant is properly applied to your vehicle you will notice a dramatic difference in appearance. Your car will now have a reflective deep shine to go along with the added protection from harsh elements. You will be pleased when you realize you're smiling back at your own reflection from your car.

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