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 Vvash Ceramic Combo features everything you need to protect and prolong your ceramic coating! Specifically formulated with SiO2-infused ingredients to give coated cars a boost, this combo will have your vehicle beading & repelling water with ease.
A $78.95 value.  


 Vvash Ceramic Combo Includes:

  •  1 Ceramic Shampoo 16oz
  •  1 Ceramic Boost Spray 16oz
  •  3 Microfiber Towels

Ceramic Shampoo 16oz
Save your ceramic coating! Vvash Auto Care is proud to introduce to you our Ceramic Shampoo, the ideal product to use when wanting to clean and maintain your vehicles quartz, silica, or resin based coating. Formulated with extravagant SiO2 technology, Ceramic Shampoo revitalizes your vehicle to produce a brilliant shine. Effortlessly repel water, dirt and other contaminants with the help of our Ceramic Shampoo.

 Here at Vvash Auto Care, we understand the importance of preserving your investments, which is why we designed this unique, SiO2-infused formula that produces an incredible shine all while prolonging your vehicle’s coating. We strongly recommend this product to anyone who wants to keep their car beautifully shining and protected! Free of any wax or silicons, Vvash Auto Care Ceramic Shampoo is enriched with water softeners to prevent water spots, making drying easier than ever.

Another perk about Vvash Auto Care Ceramic Shampoo is that it’s extremely versatile. Whether adding to a 5 gallon bucket or pairing it with a Foam Gun or Foam Cannon, your vehicle will still receive the same protection it needs to prolong your coating. However, if you’re looking to make it rain with extra thick foam, we highly recommend pairing our Ceramic Shampoo with a Vvash Auto Care Foam Gun or Foam Cannon!

Ceramic Boost Spray 16oz
Vvash Auto Care Ceramic Boost Spray is a SiO2-infused product that enhances ceramic coated surfaces and water beadage. Ceramic Boost Spray provides added longevity to your ceramic coating all while adding a pristine gloss. Formulated to produce exceptional hydrophobic properties, this product repels water, dirt, pollen and other loose contaminants with ease.

 Picture this- you’ve finished your detail and now you're staring back at your reflection on your perfectly glistening, high-gloss, streak-free ride with a bottle of Vvash Auto Care Ceramic Boost Spray in hand. Formulated to produce a luminous, streak-free shine with an amazing piña colada scent,​ our Ceramic Boost Spray is truly unmatched. Designed to effortlessly extend the longevity of your ceramic coatings, Vvash Auto Care Ceramic Boost Spray is the perfect choice when looking for protection for your vehicle. And fear not, Vvash Auto Care Ceramic Boost Spray is safe on all paint, chrome, plastic, wheels, and glass.


Microfiber Towel (3)
Who said you can never have too many microfiber towels? We designed our Vvash Auto Care Microfiber Towel because we prefer quality over quantity. Created with a thick, plush, professional-grade material that's double-sided, we put our all into this towel for your guaranteed satisfaction. Coupled with a 1,000 GSM thread count, this extremely soft and durable material is perfect for any detail and promises a scratch-free wipe, everytime.


  •  Give Your Ceramic Coating A Boost
  •  Beads & Repels Water With Ease
  •  Adds Up To 6 Months Of Protection
  •  Made in The USA
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