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Vvash Auto Care Superior Shine truly is the O.G. We carefully designed this spray-on wax sealant to provide long lasting durability to your car’s surface while leaving behind a blinding exterior. Specifically formulated with polymers to leave your vehicle spotless, sealed and protected, there’s no doubt that our Superior Shine will have your “seal” of approval. 

  • Safe On All Exteriors
  • Glass-Like Shine
  • Protects For Up To 6 Months
  • Unbeatable Papaya Scent
  • Made in The USA

Our top-selling Superior Shine is a jack of all trades but it always outshines the rest. Vvash Auto Care Superior Shine is an essential product when detailing any car. Whether it be used as a spray wax or gloss enhancer, no detail is complete without our Superior Shine. Watch our Superior Shine melt into your paint with ease as it provides your car durable UV protection for up to 6 months. Adding a hydrophobic layer has never been so easy to apply with our spray-on wax featuring a delicious papaya scent. As if our Superior Shine’s remarkable performance isn’t enough, it’s unbeatable fragrance is guaranteed to leave you coming back for more.

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