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What’s better than fine leather still in pristine condition? Fine leather is known for its glossy look that’s smooth to the touch and a subtle aroma of that luxurious new-leather scent. These were key incorporations that we factored into the creation of our Leather Conditioner. The integrity of your leather was our top priority, which is why we formulated our Leather Conditioner with pH-balanced polymers that protect your vehicle from harsh UV rays that cause premature cracking and discoloration. Vvash Auto Care Leather Conditioner gently nourishes your vehicle’s leather to restore it from the inside out. Our premium conditioner revitalizes your leather while restoring suppleness to leave your interior smooth-to-the-touch with a light satin sheen. And to top it off? Our conditioner leaves your vehicle with a hint of that famous new-leather scent. 


  • Restores Leather To A Supple Feel That's Smooth To Touch
  • Leaves Leather Finishes With A Light Satin Sheen
  • Protects Your Vehicle's Leather From Premature Cracking & Fading
  • Luxurious New Leather Scent 

    Vvash Auto Care Leather Conditioner is safe to use on natural leather, sealed leather and synthetic leather surfaces along with vinyl and plastic interior surfaces. 

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