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Get a beyond-the-surface cleaning with the help of our Vvash Auto Care Iron Remover! Vvash Iron Remover works by removing brake dust, iron particles and fallout due to wear-and-tear of everyday driving. Watch right before your eyes as our Vvash Auto Care Iron Remover obliterates and dissolves stubborn iron deposits, brake dust, road grime and other embedded contaminants from your paint, wheels, and more in just 5 minutes. Simply mist onto the desired surface, and see our revolutionary color-changing technology turn a deep purple as it wipes out all damage-causing contaminants. Our pH neutral, acid-free formula makes removing iron and other metallic fallout a breeze from your vehicle’s finish.

  • Color-Changing Formula Makes Removing Iron Quick & Easy
  • Obliterates Stubborn Iron Deposits
  • Safe On Painted Surfaces- pH Neutral
  • Made in The USA

Our Vvash Iron Remover is ready for use without the need for diluting.

Vvash Auto Care Iron Remover needs just 5 minutes to improve the look and feel of your vehicle’s finish while terminating the chance of damage-causing contamination. Due to the wear-and-tear of everyday driving, an abundance of stubborn brake dust and harsh metallic fallout accumulate onto wheels, brake parts, lower body panels and more. If neglected, the build up of these damaging contaminants can do great harm to the look and feel of your vehicle’s paint- such as rusting, scratching, paint failure and more. Vvash Auto Care Iron Remover safely and effectively breaks down bonded contaminants that are etched into your vehicle’s paint keeping your vehicle safe and damage-free. 

Our Vvash Iron Remover is packaged clear in the bottle but turns a deep purple when it comes into contact with sintered iron particles. Once activated, Vvash Iron Remover turns stubborn iron deposits and other contaminants into a liquid form that gently & safely rinses off your vehicle.

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